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Keiko graduated from the Department of Art & Design of Joshibi Junior College
of Art & Design, receiving the best artist award on her graduation.
She then attended one-year post graduate program at the same college before starting
her career at K. K. Buddy House, a graphic design studio in Tokyo, Japan.
While she was working at K. K. Buddy House, she designed CD, LD or Video jackets
for CBS/Sony Group Inc., Tokyo, Japan, including Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
She was also involved in package designs for Sekiguchi Co., Ltd. and Sun-Arrow, Inc.,
before she decided to concentrate her work only on paintings.
In 1996, she held her first solo exhibition and it became an annual event since then.
She studied the combination of oil and tempera painting technique under Prof. Akinori
Her talent is not only for arts and paintings but also she studied viola da gamba (viol)
under Prof. Shigenori Sennari.
For four years, from January 2005 to December 2008, her oil paintings decorated the
cover of the early music magazine, "Entree" for 40 issues.
In December, 2008, she took an instrumental spinal surgery conducted by Dr. Osamu
Nakai, the head of Kudanzaka Hospital.
In June, 2009, her oil painting anthology, "INFINITE LIGHT" was published.

at private exhibition with Mr.Sennari(2011)

at private exhibition with Mr.Sennari(2004) with Maestro Wieland Kuijken


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